About us

Video portal on travel and tourism in Sardinia

Beneveitos.com (pr. Benevéitos) is the first travel website that offer creative and original videos about travel and tourism in Sardinia. The site is simple and effective to use with web 2.0 as the provider.

Beneveitos.com promotes the idea that you can discover the beauty of a place both through its landscapes and through the people that you meet, courageous managers that have chosen a new life style and travelers that have discovered new ways of experiencing an holiday.

Beneveitos.com aims to show all aspects of Sardinia not just focusing on the mass tourism and high season.

Beneveitos.com produces and promotes short and creative documentaries with a high tourist and cultural interest. In each oh these short films you see Sardinia through exiting images and traditional stories.

The main people featuring will be the small and medium tourist companies, artisans, shepherds, restaurants of local cuisine, tourist guides, all those people who have turned their passion into their job.

The local administrations are involved in the project. They play an integral role in the upkeep of the environment and in the promotion of artistic and cultural events. These initiatives have a big influence on the attractiveness of a country and are essential to help travelers chose their destinations.

Beneveitos.com combines passion and professionalism to bring this service to traveler.