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The toymaker

Carver, cabinet maker, creative person. Let's say a " baloccaio " of modern times, not "artist" in the strict sense, but a humble craftsman with a passion for Pinocchio and its world of puppets.


Wood is the pivot around which rotates all the work of Maestrodascia, coming from generations of carpenters from which he begins to probe other aspects of wooden processing.

As Sardinian “artist”, with an innate attention to everything that concerns the visual and cultural heritage of his land, Federico Coni experiments with new forms of expression from vintage style , making sure to combine his own creativity with everything that is related to the imaginary of Sardinia.

Influenced throughout his work from Collodi , Jacovitti , Hieronymus Bosch, Fortunato Depero and Eugenio Tavolara , he doesn’t realize " sculptures ", but a sort of hybrid between puppet, animal, toy, object of everyday use, paying always attention to environment.

He could be a carver, a cabinet maker, a designer or anything else, but he likes to be called " baloccaio ", given the proximity of his creations to the toys of yesteryear.

Federico " Maestrodascia " Coni was born in 1979 in Oristano, but he lives and works in Ales (Or).

One of the founders and promoters of the Cultural ARTIMANOS - Sardinian master craftsmen, the container of the excellence of the artistic identity of Sardinia, of which at present is secretary.

Often participates in trade fairs, exhibitions and workshops. 




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