S'Ena arrubia - Marceddì

A journey of people
With this spot BENEVEITOS launched the idea of ​​a new project: to create promotional videos about places of Sardinia.
The first video that you want to accomplish, the first route to be taken, it is S'Ena Arrubia-Marceddì. This spot is an invitation to all people who wish to finance the production of this first video; even with a single share from 10 €.
With a 'crowdfunding action, ie funding from below, Beneveitos raised half of the funds needed, the video will be equally product. Beneveitos bought the necessary allowances and try to sell them to companies and individuals who want to help us cover all the costs. 
Each share is worth 10 euro and each one can purchase one or more shares, so his name will be added in the credits of the video along with the early backers of the video.
Contact us to learn more. info@beneveitos.com
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A huge thank you to all those who participated:

Carmine Pellegrino (viaggiatore), Stefano Orrù, Azienda Agricola Le Agavi, Francesca Orrù, Valeria Manca (Azienda Moenty), Tarcisio Boi (pescatore), Manfredi Cadelano (pescatore), Valeria Andreotti, Cooperativa Pescatori Sant'Andrea 




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